Tell Us About Your Design

This design is made up of a faux snake's skin stretch fabric in the colors of blue, off white, gray, and a dark navy color. The black straps are also a stretch fabric in black metallic, but have a "wet" look. There are also two ruched panels in a solid blue color that are diagonal on the sides of the body. This is monokini in which the top ties at the back and the bottom ties on the sides.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

My inspirations for this look were dark mermaids. It became interesting how dark mermaids differ from regular mermaids. Dark mermaids have a mysterious aura which is captivating. I wanted that same feel for my design. I wanted it to represent beauty yet mystery and to captivate people's eyes when they see a girl wearing this beachwear piece.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

I would like to sell my design mostly to Urban Outfitters. I feel that the design is aimed to a target consumer between the ages of 18-25, the same target that Urban Outfitters is aimed towards as well. The design and color palette would fit right in and appeal to its customers.

Judges’ Rating: 3/5

Judges’ Comments: “This looks complicated to get into and would give you bizarre tan lines. One of my life motto’s is KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. When it comes to swimwear – you need to KISS.” – Cynthia Smoot

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