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The leather Riley is a one of a kind envelope clutch. Featuring two full sized, overlapping pockets, the Riley can carry all of your necessities. An added bonus is that it can hold all current iPad designs! While storing your iPad in one pocket you can fit all of your other items in the opposite pocket. A small, clean logo plate on the back panel assists in helping you remember which side is holding the iPad and which side has all of your personal things. It's dually functional and transitions smoothly from a chic evening bag to a professional iPad case. The bag features turnlock closures that securely fasten each flap into place keeping your iPad and personal items safe. The Riley is 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall and has a flat depth of 0.5 inches. The Riley’s shape and size allow it to fit easily into briefcases or other large every day bags. It is lightweight and holds comfortably in your hand or under your arm. The unique design allows for expansion and the ability to carry multiple objects. I use various skins and materials to add visual interest to the bag and to stay current with trends as well as evolving the shape, flaps, and hardware. This clutch pairs perfectly with your favorite jeans and makes a statement at any formal event. Professional women, celebrities, moms, college students, and more have carried this bag. It truly is a one of a kind bag that can work for any woman’s life and needs.
Turn lock closure
Double stacked inside pockets
iPad Case
100% Leather
Dimensions: 11"W x 8.5"H x 0.5"D

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

My original inspiration came from a unique wedding invitation I had received in the mail. I started to sketch envelope clutches one afternoon and my husband mentioned that it would be cool if the purse opened on both ends. A light went off in my head! I immediately sketched out the double layered pockets and the two flaps. The design has continued to evolve from there.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak, Saks, Intermix, Barneys, and other high end retailers.

Judges’ Rating: 5/5

Judges’ Comments: “I like every detail of this beautiful clutch! I think it is very well designed, functional, and visually appealing. I think there is a lot of opportunity for various material usage and colors. I also think that the envelope trend is still new and there is potential for sales volume in the market.” – Erin Souder

About The Author


Ashley Burghardt's infatuation for design was founded at an early age when her grandmother first taught her to sew. This childhood hobby became an impassioned dream as Ashley created a variety of dresses, purses, and swimsuits while in high- school. She then followed that dream to Texas Tech University in order to pursue a degree in Apparel Design and Manufacturing. As a design student, Ashley ventured to Florence for a semester abroad where she studied at Florence University of the Arts and discovered her niche: Accessories design. The skills Ashley acquired through the ADM and FUA programs proved invaluable as she claimed a coveted internship with a high-end handbag and shoe line, Be&D, which required a move to New York City after graduation. Her collegiate experience coupled with a prestigious internship afforded Ashley a soaring start to her career as an assistant designer on Coach's Reed Krakoff Collection. She later moved to Dallas where she was the head designer of a small accessories company before branching out to launch her own accessories line. ASHARD RICHLEY debuted in October of 2009 offering Ashley's unique take on handbags that combines fashion, form & function. Since the company's inception, the creative line has collected a surmountable number of accolades including appearances in several local and national magazines as well as featured on many television series. ASHARD RICHLEY handbags can also be found in over one hundred stores in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica. Ashley, as a blossoming designer, mustered many honors herself. She appeared draped in a stunning Armani dress amidst the Dallas Symphony Hall in D- Magazine's 2010 edition of Dallas' Ten Most Beautiful Women. Ashley was also listed amongst the state's top twenty designers by Texas Next Top Designer and was a coach to a young Dallas girl on MTV's hit show, Made. Her most recent notable triumph was on the new Lifetime series 24 Hour Catwalk where she competed against three other talented designers to craft a collection within one day. Ashley's designs championed the runway and a monetary grand prize. Her episode can be found at This victory has escalated Ashley to a higher level amongst the design industry and demonstrated her enthralling tenacity. She is a creative figure to watch and a name to know that will not soon be forgotten.

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    this is one amazing bag..

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    I Love Your Purse. Its Unique! I Want One To Add To My Handbag Collection.

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