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I designed a medium size caramel leather handbag which can be worn day or night. The contrasting leather handle is designed with an adjustable strap to fit the shoulder, the arm, or can be carried in hand. The bag offers coordinating side straps that compliment the contrasting leather handle. With the same brass buckles and hardware shown on the leather handle they all appear as one piece. The bag is designed with side gathers at each corner which adds interest and style. The outside of the bag is very appealing to the eyes and can be worn with almost anything. The inside lining of the bag is a tiger print lining with pockets on each side. The partition pockets are tiger printed with caramel trim across the top, while the flush zip pocket is lined with caramel leather. The closure is a simple antique snap for easy access in and out of the bag. The tiger printed lining has been handstitched to the caramel leather to provide durability and detail. The side straps are attached to the bag with brass rivets and D-rings for detail. The leather is very soft to the touch and the color combinations can appeal to many differnt audiences.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

I was totally inspired by the leather! The color and feel of the leather captured my heart and I had to have it. I wanted to create something that was sophisticated and stylist without being over the top. I believe this bag can be worn day or night. Whether out on the town with firends, on a date, at the office, you name it this bag can be worn.

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Judges’ Rating: 4/5

Judges’ Comments: “I think this is a very versatile piece. My one question is how big is it? It would be great to offer it in a little bit bigger of a size to accommodate for working women and all the items they need to tote around on a daily basis. The hand stitching and equestrian feel of the strap make this a gorgeous piece!” – Julie

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14 Responses to beldesigns1 :: Caramel Leather Bag

  1. Sunshine says:

    This is a beautiful bag and it shows that you took the time and put love into designing it for your clients. We thank you for this piece and all of the others for which yo have designed. Good Luck!!

  2. says:

    Beautiful-love the detail! This is a winner!

  3. says:

    I am so impressed with your work!! Your research and knowledge into leather makes your designs beautifully unique. Here’s wishing you the best of blessings and a hopeful WIN!!!!

  4. Lovely1 says:

    This bag is absolutely have my vote every day. Mwah…bye bye. I eill be voting for u again tomorrow :)

  5. lakimbriat says:

    This is a beautiful bag! Very chic… I would definitely buy this one!!!

  6. Lovely1 says:

    Yay 70 votes. Love this bag lol.

  7. yharper says:

    I have been looking for a shoulder strap bag and this is the perfect color. I have several animal print scarfs that will match. It not to bulkey either. The straps are long enough, and allows for me to be able to controll in a large crowd, I can secure it under my upper arm. WOW!!!! Where can I get one ?????

  8. rbetts says:

    Great bag! Its a winner for sure! Best wishes!

  9. Richardson66 says:

    This is a lovely bag. I see you took your time with this piece, it is a winner. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

  10. Jonesblackjew says:

    I love this bag.Do come in different colors?

  11. skelly8804 says:

    Yes this is a WINNER bag!!! You’ve got my vote!!!

  12. ChrisB says:

    Wow! I had a dream about this bag!!!

  13. deeprice1 says:

    very nice bag!!!!

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