Tell Us About Your Design

This is a bow tie, could be female or males. Made with beautiful colorful fabric and added rounded pyramid pegs to add a special something. The bow tie is simply attached by a regular pin attachment (not a safety pin). Very fashion forward, colorful, and eye popping.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

I just loved the fabric and it was inspiring in itself.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

A more high-fashioned/spunky retailer like American Apparel, karmaloop, Places that are cute, fresh, and spunky. Anywhere that sold it would be awesome, the piece itself would add spunk to the retailer.

Judges’ Rating: 2/5

Judges Comments: “I think its a great idea to take something people wear that is normally boring and make it interesting. In this case I think it might have gotten too interesting too fast. If it was toned down it might be a bit sell-able but I think you are on the right track.” – Shirin Askari

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