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Boy cut one pieces swimsuit inspired by an evening dress I made. Hand dyed with tea and rust and made from recycled tees, for the eco-friendly girl.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

I like using natural items, such as rust and tea, and man-made items such as the washers to make interesting garments by hand dying them after they are cut or made. I, also, like to re-purpose items and give them new life.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

small boutiques with a price point between $100-$500

Judges’ Rating: 4/5

Judges’ Comments: “I love the delicate print created by the use of tea and rust. Also love that the designer has used natural ingredients and I think this will be an important feature when marketing to target consumers. The modest, but sexy shape is also flattering without being too revealing. My one comment would be the price point. I think that this piece would do very well with a youthful, environmentally conscious audience and therefore the price point would be better suited at the bottom end of the $100-$500.” – Julie

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  1. Julie,thanks for your comments.I agree on the price, we’re selling this as a sample because of use. I wish I had pics of it with out that price tag.

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