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This vintage inspired one- piece swimsuit has side panels sewn in to create the illusion of a monokini. The panels also help add shape that can create curves on more boxy figures. The suit would come in navy with white polka dots (and white side panels) or coral with nude polka dots (and nude side panels). The polka dots and bow- tied straps add some fun to the swimsuit.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

50s swimwear!

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Judges’ Rating: 3/5

Judges’ Comments: “I like this, but it needs a little work. I like the one-piece cut with side panels. I can see how that would be flattering. I am not a fan of the bow on the shoulder. It’s too much bulk. Maybe a silver or bamboo buckle would add visual interest without the bulk…. It has legs but it’s not running yet.” – Cynthia Smoot

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Jesus freak. Chemistry nerd. Design lover.

9 Responses to ModestDRESS :: Vintage Inspired Mock-o-Kini

  1. ultrarunningMoM says:

    I love this suit! It’s for everyday “real” women!

  2. cowtown_usa says:

    This is actually cute and someone would really buy it to wear.

  3. ptdavis says:

    This suit is really cute and it looks comfortable.

  4. ptdavis says:

    I agree with Ms. Smoot. I think that the swimsuit would be a super great design with a buckle or a latch instead of the bow. I don’t see people swimming with a bow. You could have a bow that is attachable so that if at a swim party someone may want to look ‘cuter’ but it probably wouldn’t work well in the water.

  5. perez2407 says:

    idk how this swimsuit won when the rating was less. Votes were less. BS this contest is.

  6. Fire_andIce01 says:

    I think yours should have won Perez2407! It was different and not the same swimsuit you see all the time.
    You were robbed =(

  7. shroyerb says:

    DAMN!! I voted for you everyday too, on the brazilian high swimsuit!!!
    Choose some better people to run a contest who know how to pick winners. INNOVATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love Perez2407,
    I'll buy one of those blue and green swimsuit pieces from ya!!!!

  8. Varuca_saltlove says:

    LOL!!! I guess I’m not the only one who thought Cat should have won.
    I loved your two piece swimsuit.
    Sorry kid, you should have won.

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