Tell Us About Your Design

The top blouse is made with scrap fabric. The areholes are trimmed with zippers. The zipper trim was trimmed with rain coat material. The collar and bottom of the blouse is black. This is paired with a long sleeve houndstooth blouse, solid black leggings,red boots and studded belt.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

I wanted something way edgy and daring. My inspiration was Gwen Stefani.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

Macy's Forever 21.

Judges’ Rating: 2/5

Judges’ Comments: “The print mixing and tailoring on this piece are fantastic.” – Julie

About The Author

Sheila Hamilton

What is a left handed pisces? Just think of the characteristic of a left handed person, and the characteristics of a pisces and you get a crazy, fun, creative person like me!!!! But, Every since I could remember, I used fashion as an outlet to express my personality, creativity, and mood. I have always had a “passion for fashion.” but often times put it on the back burner. Sewing has always been my favorite hobby, but now is the time to turn my dreams and admirations into realities Later on in life, around eight years old, I began to experiment with fabrics. I started with making simple Barbie clothes then advanced to cutting up my old clothes, and adding embellishments with broken or old jewelry I may have had. This continues onto today. The art of sewing comforts me, allowing me to dream, create, and fantasize out loud.

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  1. spazzo26 says:

    How do I vote for you Sis? I really dig your stuff, maybe one day we could work together on something.

  2. I think you just registar for now and when the voting opens up then you can vote. But yeah I would love to calaborate on something…I do have some cool tee shirt ideas too!

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