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The Fidere is a fit and flare style dress made out of a thick and shiny silk/hemp fabric dyed a rich jewel tone blue. The color is muted by a trapeze style 100% silk tulle overlay covered in hand sewn details. The silk tulle is a thick and soft tulle that drapes beautifully. The grey and blue take turns overpowering each other, which gives an iridescence to the gown. The details are made of organza and the silk/hemp from the dress underneath. As the silk/hemp is on top of the tulle in the details, the full richness of the jewel toned blue shows. The fit and flare shape shows off the wearer’s figure, while the tulle give a romantic look and can mask imperfections.

Textured ribbon strips curl along the top half, topped with a line of pearls. Poppies in with blue petals and dark and light grey at the center start at the shoulder and run down the back. A pleated silk/hemp detail is on the other shoulder, and small organza circle cutouts are scattered on the tulle with beads and crystals hand sewn in their centers. The circles are in blue, lighter grey, and white and they are crowded on the bust and hem and thin out in the middle. The whole look is textured, unique and romantic. The back trails slightly, giving a small train behind.

The gown has a high quality faced and lined construction with a small amount of tulle under the flare in the skirt.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

I saw a few designs with different details and shapes that all flowed together to create this concept. I love the trapeze style, but few women want something that masks their figure so much in evening wear. A tulle overlay seemed like the perfect way to get the style while maintain a flattering silhouette.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

Small boutiques with a unique selection of evening wear and other dresses.

Judges’ Rating: 3/5

Judges’ Comments: “From the drawing it looks like the dress could be quite beautiful. The tulle overlay gives the whole thing a bit if mystery.” – Heidi Dillon

About The Author


I am the head designer for Solitary Pearl, an ethical bridal line that is debuting in select salons for Fall of 2012. We specialize in unique, feminine designs with vintage elements. Our materials are a range of fair trade, organic, all natural, and ethically sourced (think no sweat shops or child labor). The dresses are created in the USA by us. Keep watching for more information about our new line!

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