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This form fitted dress is made of cream acrylic stretch sweater knit. It has a lightweight cream jersey knit for lining. The lining is attached to the shell of the dress and sewn as one. The inside seams are over locked with cream thread. The back of the dress is partially out with a band going across the middle back area. This allows the use of a bra with this dress. I created unique seaming on the bodice and side seams. I then inlaid a handmade beaded piping. I’m giving up my technique here …. But I used kid’s beaded necklaces to get the size bead that I wanted. I cut 2” wide and 36” long pieces of the sweater fabric to make the piping. I wrapped the fabric around the string of beads and stitched them into the tubing. I attached it between the seams and then stitched between each bead to make them stand out more. The piping for the stand alone strands was made as tubing and the turned inside out and then the strand of beads were inserted into the fabric. I then hand stitched between each bead to give it definition. The separate strands are in various lengths and are attached at the back of the neck with two hook and eye closures. This gives the neckline the illusion of a separate necklace. The length of this dress is slightly above the knee and it has an inch and a half hand sewn hem.

Who or What Were Your Biggest Inspirations During This Process?

This idea came to me in a dream. my creative process wasn't the same.

Which Retailer(s) Would You Most Like to Sell Your Design?

I would like this design in a store like H&M.

Judges’ Rating: 5/5

Judges’ Comments: “I think this dress is absolutely perfect. It has a wonderful balance of newness and ingenuity in details with a classic fit. 3D embellishment has been such a big trend over the past couple of years, and is still in the market in a big way. This design moves on the trend, but is still easy to understand and relate-able to the everyday wearer. Every detail looks well thought out and intentional. I love that it has just the right amount of overt design detail without going too far.” – Erin Souder

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4 Responses to tamjack :: Bubbly

  1. blweston says:

    If you’re looking for something new and different, this is it!!

  2. raineev says:

    This dress is unique in it has faux beading on the neckline and also accented on the bottom leaves no worries in regards to finding the perfect jewelry. Absolutely stunning.

  3. Actionjackson says:

    This is hot you definitely needs to sell that to h&m are Macy it will fly of the self especially for someone trying to go to a all white affair awesome

  4. LadyDi3sons says:

    That dress would look absolute beautiful on me. Out standing work
    on that dress.

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